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Date: Sunday, January 24, 2021, 7:00 PM ZOOM

Place: ZOOM

Featured Guests: Hendrik Gideonse, Principal,

Topic: Mid-size Venue System Design & Acoustics; Affordable Listening Room Acoustics

During the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of musicians, producers, audio engineers and audience members have found themselves forced to work and listen at home in rooms that were never designed for the purpose. Pandemic acoustics work has been about finding inexpensive incremental changes to living rooms, bedrooms and even closets to make them viable spaces for critical listening. Hendrik will talk about the Bedroom Acoustics projects that he started over 10 years ago and how it has become relevant again.

Also, on the docket is blocking out the sound of screaming children while you are Zooming with your boss...

Hendrik Gideonse has 25 years of experience creating custom treatments to solve acoustic problems. He started XIX Acoustics in 2008 to design and build studios and listening rooms that sound and ‘feel’ great. The feel is a combination of aesthetics, usability, and ergonomics. At the meeting, he will answer questions that are informed by experience, and many years of on-the-job successful installations.

Our original meeting date was in March 2020 at the at the Porch Southern Fare restaurant. It is one of the sites treated acoustically by XIX-Acoustics. Hendrik will show and explain some of his room treatment products for improving the sound in your playback room, and the audio equipment he can employ if desired by the client.


Ken Schwarz is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Jan 24, 2021 06:45 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 819 9014 2856

Passcode: 944419

If you are using a computer and this is your first time with Zoom, give yourself at least 15-20 minutes prior to the meeting to set things up: you click on the link in the Zoom instructions below and will be guided to download the Zoom software, HERE:

You can use your computer’s audio if you have a headset attached, or you can dial-in for audio. If you have a smart phone or tablet and a good internet connection, then you should install the Zoom app for your device and connect using it.

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January 2021

In the pandemic era, musicians are looking for ways to perform live while being remote.

The internet has latency and anything over 40 milliseconds causes difficulties.

Internet 2, a network that connects universities and organizations, can transmit huge quantities of data. In 2014 the Chiara String Quartet, at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, performed Mendelsohn’s Octet with the Avalon Quarter, 450 miles away at Northern Illinois University. The latency was 19 milliseconds. “

As long as you’re inside a 750-800 mile range, you get the sort of delay that happens inside a room, inside a performance hall said Howard Herring, president and CEO of the New World Symphony, the Miami-based training academy that uses Internet2 for remote coaching sessions and link-ups with composers.
— BBC Music Magazine Se20

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Below, other meetings and notices which
may be of interest to BAS members

In September 2009 the B A S held a microphone clinic, testing 37 different microphone models. The ambitious nature of the clinic effort, the extent of data collection, the number of individuals involved in microphone testing and in writing various sections of the report, and the complexity in determining how to construct the clinic report and make it available to members resulted it not being published until now. The dataset is extensive.

Representative samples were included in the abbreviated report in "The B A S Speaker"
(Fall 2015; v37n3)

Go to the MICROPHONE CLINIC PAGE for more...

When collecting and plotting "noisy" data it is often useful to have Microsoft Excel plot a Trend Line through it.  If that data is to be used for further work, it may be necessary to have an X-Y table of the Trend Line. That is not easy to get and this paper will show how to do it.
Joseph DeMarinis has a new article here: Extracting Numerical Data from an Excel Trend Line

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The rapidly-becoming-famous BAS Headphone Test Article is now available in the BASS VOLUME 25, ISSUE 4, on Page 17, available HERE   PDF 3mb
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The LIVE video podcast of our meetings,
Archived video of past meetings (only one so far!),
and Audio Podcast interviews by Alvin Foster
There is a supplemental and further explanation addendum paper to the E. Brad Meyer / David Moran paper published in the September, 2007 issue of the AES Journal. That page, which documents the experimental protocol and audio systems/source material is here:   
There is a Power Point Presentation of the lecture given by Dr. Barry Blesser at the March 2007 Meeting. The Meeting page synopsis is HERE; the Power Point Presentation (as a web page) is HERE

Some earlier BASS issues, previously available only directly by mail, are now available online, on the BAS SPEAKER page, HERE

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