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Meetings and other Notices

Meeting Notice for October 2019

Date: Sunday, October 27th, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM – 9:PM

Place: Boston University, Life Science & Engineering Bldg, 24 Cummington Mall, 1st Floor, Conference Room 103, Boston, MA 02215

Featured: Jim Doucas & his new ZOOM F6 Digital Recorder/Playback
(+ Music Meeting planning for the November Meeting)

This meeting is dedicated to learning about a new field recording technology from ZOOM Corp, Japan and our in-house test results. Among its unique features are its low cost, $650.

What’s new about this technology is the ZOOM F6 FIELD RECORDER. It is a low-cost 6-channel digital recorder with a dynamic range in excess of 120 dB! It is small – 4” w x 4 .7” deep x 2.5” h; it weighs about a pound, can take AC, or 4-AA batteries internally or a Sony L type camcorder battery. It can handle SDXC cards up to 1-TB, potentially recording all day, and it is totally portable. Jim Doucas will demonstrate his recorder/player and present test results we ran at Foster’s Test Bench to ensure it is living up to specifications, and supply what we know about how ZOOM implemented this design.

Refreshments will be available at 5:30 PM

Directions: Note that parking is no longer allowed in the block in front of our meeting place (temp parking for unloading/loading is OK). There is a gap in the BU buildings on Commonwealth Ave. so you can walk through directly to the meeting location.

At Boston University, Cummington St. (Mall) is an east-west street just south of Commonwealth Ave. It is one-way going west. From Storrow Drive going east, take the first BU exit. At the stop sign turn right on Commonwealth Ave (a left is not permitted). Bear left and at the 3rd light take a u-turn, go half a mile and turn right on Blandford St.(Mall) (at a traffic light) and turn right on Cummington St. (Mall) The entrance is on your left, number 24.

From Commonwealth Ave going west, after Kenmore Square, after the tracks come up out of the tunnel, there is a traffic light at Blandford. You should turn left on Blandford, but no left is permitted. Instead turn right and make a U-turn. Continue on Blandford and turn right on Cummington St. The entrance is on your left, number 24.

MBTA Green line - exit at Kenmore Square or the next stop, Blandford St. & Commonwealth Ave. Walk a short distance and make a left turn onto Blandford Mall and then a right onto Cummington Mall.

Parking is free on Sundays and available on Commonwealth Ave. and Beacon St. (take a hard right at Kendall Square and park on the bridge and take the stairs down) and Bay State Rd (parallel to Commonwealth Ave next to the river)


Use your GPS (!)

— Webmaster's note: Google maps and Apple maps show them as Blandford Mall and Cummington Mall. Bing maps shows them as Blandford Street and Cummington Street. YMMV.

The BAS Message
October 2019

The Boston Symphony live broadcasts on the internet are a treasure for music lovers and audiophiles. I don’t know of any other service like this: weekly live broadcasts and lightly compressed sound. They use many microphones so the sound you hear is the product of the mixing console, usually too much announcer and too much soloist for my taste, too sibilant announcer, but otherwise you can just sit back and enjoy. It is at 192 kbps. The download on demand has returned after a year’s hiatus -- it is at 128 kbps but with the advantage that you avoiding real time streaming issues.

Webmaster's NOTE: There are SEPARATE, MULTIPLE streams available, for example The Boston Symphony Ochestra, Boston Early Music Stream, The BSO Concert Channel, The Bach Channel.

To download PAST Programs:

I measured 70 dB dynamic range for a recent concert (Sept 21). I took the ratio of the loudest music—full scale-- with flat response, to the “H” weighted level of the quietist passage (“H” weighting is the curve corresponding to the 20 dB Fletcher Munson curve which I approximate by an 18 dB per octave Butterworth high pass filter at 500Hz).

I estimate 10 dB of compression on typical symphonic fare.

I contribute to WGBH (they own WCRB) and the Boston Symphony

email me here

Local Area Audio News
Frequency Therapeutics in Woburn announces a drug trial for Hearing Restoration

Below, other meetings and notices which may be of interest to BAS members

In September 2009 the B A S held a microphone clinic, testing 37 different microphone models. The ambitious nature of the clinic effort, the extent of data collection, the number of individuals involved in microphone testing and in writing various sections of the report, and the complexity in determining how to construct the clinic report and make it available to members resulted it not being published until now. The dataset is extensive.

Representative samples were included in the abbreviated report in "The B A S Speaker"
(Fall 2015; v37n3)

Go to the MICROPHONE CLINIC PAGE for more...

When collecting and plotting "noisy" data it is often useful to have Microsoft Excel plot a Trend Line through it.  If that data is to be used for further work, it may be necessary to have an X-Y table of the Trend Line. That is not easy to get and this paper will show how to do it.
Joseph DeMarinis has a new article here: Extracting Numerical Data from an Excel Trend Line

Foster's Test Bench !
by Alvin Foster !    Click the logo: —>
The rapidly-becoming-famous BAS Headphone Test Article is now available in the BASS VOLUME 25, ISSUE 4, on Page 17, available HERE   PDF 3mb
Visit our PODCAST PAGE for:
The LIVE video podcast of our meetings,
Archived video of past meetings (only one so far!),
and Audio Podcast interviews by Alvin Foster
There is a supplemental and further explanation addendum paper to the E. Brad Meyer / David Moran paper published in the September, 2007 issue of the AES Journal. That page, which documents the experimental protocol and audio systems/source material is here:   
There is a Power Point Presentation of the lecture given by Dr. Barry Blesser at the March 2007 Meeting. The Meeting page synopsis is HERE; the Power Point Presentation (as a web page) is HERE

Some earlier BASS issues, previously available only directly by mail, are now available online, on the BAS SPEAKER page, HERE

Show your appreciation for the immense amount of dedicated work that went into both the original writing, gathering, editing and printing, PLUS the more recent scanning and conversion to PDF format, by joining the Society, HERE !

A L L   O F F S I T E   L I N K S   O P E N   I N T O   A   N E W   W I N D O W


AES Future Meetings

Acoustical Society of America
SMPTE New England

There is a posting of an ABX article, The Digital Challenge by Stanley P. Lipshitz HERE

Webmaster's Corner:

Once again, for 2019 - and on through 2020 (!) here is THE useful industry calendar of audio/related events, with kudos to all who put this list together:

Separately, AV-IQ has their event page here:



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