2002 CES coverage courtesy Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity click HERE

SMR group has once again done an exemplary (and FAST!) job of show coverage HERE

... and our own E. Brad Meyer has his 2002 report (inside the SMR pages) HERE

The Surround 2001 Conference by Barry Ober
The 2001 CES Report by E. Brad Meyer

Here are some sample articles from the BAS Speaker:
(In alphabetical order by author)

Another Man From Hope, by John S. Allen

NR à Go-Go by Michael A. Gendel

Death of 1000 Cuts, by David B. Hadaway

Pronunciation by David B. Hadaway

The Digital Challenge by Stanley P. Lipshitz

ABX Testing by E. Brad Meyer  (from the December 1990 meeting, BASS Vol. 19 No. 3)

Wishful Thinking by Tom Nousaine (Illinois)
There's also a reader comment at the end of the article.

Reminiscences by John A. Thompson (Vermont), Jack Reed (Illinois), and Dan Shanefield (New Jersey)

Clarity vs Fidelity, by Dan Shanefield

Here's a Microsoft Excel '97 workbook file by John S. Allen which demonstrates 44.1 kHz sampling of a 21 kHz signal. 

This Excel workbook accompanies John's to J. Peter Moncrieff's letter in the BAS Speaker, Volume 22, Number 5/6. 

The workbook calculates 20 points for each sampling interval: one point every 1/882,000 second. Sample times are indicated in the calculation worksheet by rows with green backgrounds. In the graphs, points between the calculated ones are plotted using Excel's smoothed line interpolation.   Excel graphs display rather poorly on a computer screen, but they print out very nicely.

To download the normal, uncompressed .XLS file (440k) click:  21kHz.xls

To download a zipped version of the file (109k) click:


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