Past meetings of the Society
June 2003

June 2003, Meeting
Date: Sunday, June 22
Time: 6:00 PM

Place: 300 South Street
Medfield, MA 02052
(508) 359-2915

Featured Guest: David & Theodore Temple
Subject: Quality Home Sound + A Live Piano Concert

The June 22, 2003 BAS meeting - a reality check -- will be held at the home of David Temple, 300 South Street, Medfield 02052, 508-359-2915,, starting at 6pm.

David's house is a converted gambrel roof barn. His listening room is the loft, which has a 20-foot cathedral ceiling, many obtuse angles, few resonances, and a volume of some 16,000 cubic feet. He listens to music through MartinLogan CLS2z full (sic)-range electrostatic speakers; we suspect many BAS members have never heard electrostatics well set up in a home.

These MartinLogans offer the traditional advantages of full-range electrostatics: great soundstage, imaging, depth, and quickness; low distortion; perfect time alignment; no crossover problems (no crossover); no cabinet resonances (no cabinet). They also suffer, to a degree, from the oft-cited disadvantages of full-range electrostatics: size; cost; limited dynamic range, bass, slam, and SAF (spousal acceptance factor). Electrostatics are all about clarity, less about power. David had a subwoofer and returned it; we may try a different one at this meeting.

Here's the reality check: the speakers flank a Steinway L grand piano. David's son Ted, an accomplished pianist, (and BAS members so inclined) will play the piano and give us an unusual opportunity to compare the kind of live music we really listen to.with good recorded sound.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their favorite CDs and/or vinyl..and musical instruments! The rest of the system consists of a VPI HW19 Mark 3 turntable with a ClearAudio-Souther SLA-3 straight-line arm, AT OC-9 cartridge, Record Doctor vacuum cleaner, ARC SP9 Mark 3 preamp, Odyssey Stratos amp, NAD 514 CD player, and an Onkyo T-4055 tuner from 1976.


Medfield is 18 miles southwest of Boston; Routes 109 and 27 intersect there. (From the east or north, take 128/95 to 109 in Dedham and go west 8 miles on Route 109 to Route 27 in Medfield.or consult a map for your best route.)

To get from the Temple house from the 109-27 intersection, go 1.4 miles south on Route 27 toward Walpole.

At the light, turn right - David's house, a converted gambrel-roof barn, is exactly one mile on the left, 300 South Street, at the corner of Rocky Lane.

Please park on Rocky Lane.

NOTE: 14 steps up from driveway to front door, 13 more steps up to listening room.

*NOTE* Due to new security procedures at the National Transportation System Center, a federal building, your name must be on the BAS list to enter this and future meetings. The list is always submitted 2 weeks in advance to the building administrators. The names of all current and past BAS members have already been submitted; there is no need to contact the BAS. However, if you plan to bring a guest let John Pollard know in advance. ALL guest are welcome and encouraged to attend, no charge: John Pollard, (617) 494-3537 or


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