June 2023

The September Online Meeting

Date: Saturday, September 30, 2023, 2:00 PM EDT

Location: Zoom Only

Guest: Ian Stewart, Technical editor and developer of Basslane Pro, a low-end & bass enhancement app, and more

Topic: Audio analysis and mastering

... with a focus on IZotope, whose innovative sound products inspire and enable people to be creative. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, iZotope has spent over two decades developing award-winning products and audio technologies for professionals and hobbyists alike. Ian Stewart will talk about their history, contemporary goals, and product focus. He will Introduce the newest Music Production Suite 6 and Ozone 11, both designed to craft the perfect listening experience, and the ultimate mastering plugin. He will explore new and improved features that deliver AI-powered workflows and professional processing for your productions.
iZotope consistently produces awardwinning software. They are known industrywide for their ability to repair audio and reduce noise. Their software is designed to fix problems in producing audio files like plosives, microphone bumps, and inconsistent levels.
Stewart will also demonstrate additional software products: Insight, which contains an extensive set of audio analysis and metering tools that are perfect for troubleshooting mix problems.
iZotope’s Ozone 11 is a mastering tool designed to produce a professional and full polished sound by adding ‘glue’ to a mix by controlling dynamic range and adding a deep, rich character.
Ian Stewart is a mastering engineer and audio educator from the Berkshires, where he's operated Flotown Mastering since 2011, serving customers both locally and worldwide. Ian received his BS in music engineering technology from the University of Miami in 2007 and has been a passionate advocate for audio quality, and for fostering a better understanding of the topics surrounding it, ever since.

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