January 2024

The January In Person Only Meeting

Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 5:30 PM EDT
Location:  Acentech,
33 Moulton St. Cambridge, MA 02138
Featured Guests: The Boston Audio Society is invited to join the AES @Acentech

Topic/Activity: Just what is an Auralization Room?

An auralization room, often referred to as an acoustic simulation room or an audio virtual reality room, is a specialized space designed to create immersive audio environments for the purpose of auralization. These rooms are typically equipped with advanced sound reproduction systems and are acoustically treated to minimize external noise and internal reflections. The goal is to provide a controlled environment where listeners can experience highly accurate audio simulations. 

 Registration is required. The AES executive committee announced that there are plenty of slots open for the tour. However, RSVP or pre- registration is needed. Use this link here.

Come experience it for yourself at the AES January event, hosted by Acentech. 
Hope to see you Tuesday, January 23, 05:30 PM

Onsite parking is available.


DIRECTIONSIn Cambridge, take Fresh Pond Pkw.  At rotary take Concord Av for about 1/4 mile and go right onto Moulton St.

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