BAS Message
Oct 2012

1.  V34n34 of the BAS Speaker is being published. It features a writeup of the Justis Verhagen meeting on ribbon speakers by Alvin Foster and the Benjamin Kantors meeting on Hearing Conservation by David Hadaway (perhaps the longest meeting summary ever). Also sound pressure levels in Boston's Symphony Hall and The First Baptist Church in America by Alvin Foster and Stephen Owades. 27pp

2.  The Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of a former graduate student who was sued by the recording industry on charges of illegally downloading music, letting stand a $675,000 judgment against him for violation of copyright. Following a scale that allowed for penalties between $750 and $150,000 for each infringement a jury had decided on the judgment after Tenenbaum was warned repeatedly of the illegality of the downloading, and that he had thousands of music files available on peer-to-peer networks, such as Napster. Boston Globe 22My12

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