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April 2016

1. BAS Speaker V38N1 has been published. It features “Spaced Coincident Recording Offers Enhanced Flexibility and Realism”by Justus V. Verhagen, CES 2016 reports by Alvin Foster and Nicolas Noiseux and Jim Buchanan; Fall 2015 Asian Trade Shows by Robert Baum; and the 2014 BAS Flea Market and Favorite Recordings meeting by David Hadaway.

2. The Microsoft anechoic chamber in Redmund WA has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the quietist place on earth, -20.35 dBA. The theoretical minimum is -23 (Brownian motion).

3. Consumer Union is leading a crusade to end robocalls. They have a petition that has over 200, 000 signatures. To sign up go to

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