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Date: Sunday, May 22, 2022, 7:00 PM

Place: ZOOM On-line

Guests: Nick Noiseux, President of the Boston Audio Society

Topic: Reports on the 2022 AXPONA high-end Audio Show

Audiophile consumers who regularly attend the annual CES events in Las Vegas were discouraged by CES’s declining and lack of hi-end displays and booths. In part, due to CES’s diminishing interest in featuring high quality consumer audio, Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) came on-board in 2016. The first AXPONA show was held in 2016. The number in attendance has increased annually, and Nick Noiseux said the hotel rooms were full of consumers and high-end boots. He estimates 10,000 audiophiles were in attendance.

The mission of AXPONA, according to its founders, ‘…is to bring together the largest annual gathering of audio enthusiasts, music lovers, audio dealers, manufacturers, and distributors in North America. AXPONA engages and entertains our audience by displaying immersive listening experiences with high performance audio products. We support the growth of the high-end audio industry by cultivating a passionate community and promoting the enjoyment of high-fidelity sound.’

The show includes multiple hotel floors packed with over 140 listening rooms. The Expo Hall features The Record Fair, The Ear Gear Experience, and seminars. The show is geared to the serious audiophile, newcomers to high-end audio, and music lovers. The 3-day show took place at the Renaissance Schaumburg, Hotel & Convention Center, in Schaumburg, IL, April 22-24, 2022. Dates for the 2023 show have been announced. Nick Noiseux took many photos while in attendance. They will be on display during his ZOOM presentation along with his personal observations and listening critiques.

Join the Zoom Meeting

Ken Schwarz is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Sunday May 22, 2022, ~ 7PM Eastern until... (SUGGEST 6:45 PM )

Meeting ID: 894 1478 6087

Passcode: 989644

If you are using a computer and this is your first time with Zoom, please give yourself at least 15-20 minutes prior to the meeting to set things up: you click on the link in the Zoom instructions below and will be guided to download the Zoom software, HERE:

You can use your computer’s audio if you have a headset attached, or you can dial-in for audio. If you have a smart phone or tablet and a good internet connection, then you should install the Zoom app for your device and connect using it.

A HINT: IF you are using your phone on WiFi TURN ON THE AIRPLANE MODE.

May 2022

The BAS is having a Flea Market Saturday May 28, 10:00 AM-2:00 PM (rain date Sunday May 29, 1-5:00 PM) in the town of Rindge in the beautiful Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.

Bring stuff you want to sell. Dealer fee is $2. There is ample free parking.

There is a large quantity of electronic parts (mostly free) .

Also vintage stuff--SVHS VCRs (including High Definition), Laserdisc player + Jazz discs, Behringer DSP8024, Sound Concepts 550, Marantz DP870, dbx 119, Audio and Video Test equipment including a wow and flutter meter, a TV/Satellite signal strength meter, an Audio Precision System One test set (free), audio/video/computer cables, speaker wire, antenna hardware, some speakers and ADS car speakers, Janis W-1 subwoofers, 3 Fender 110XP, single Allison One, Janszen 130 “Quadpod” electrostatic M/T, JBL "egg" subwoofers, headphones, parts cabinets both full and empty, DIY chassis, breadboard, Sears Craftsman table saw, Heathkit AC supply, Magnecord 1020 open reel tape recorder (needs belt), 2 Hall Effect Hitachi D-7500 cassette decks (need belts), Revox cassette deck (repair), turntable (repair), W10 laptop, rock tumbler, sleep inducer, Ukrainian Purple tomato plants and many other items!

There is a list of items here:

For directions, please email me below.

email me here

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may be of interest to BAS members

In Boston area studio news...
Somerville's PINK NOISE Syudios closes its doors.

12/17/2021 Mix Magazine reports on the fire at ZIPPAH Studios in Brighton.

And just a week later, an update on the amazing story from the WGBH news page:

In September 2009 the B A S held a microphone clinic, testing 37 different microphone models. The ambitious nature of the clinic effort, the extent of data collection, the number of individuals involved in microphone testing and in writing various sections of the report, and the complexity in determining how to construct the clinic report and make it available to members resulted it not being published until now. The dataset is extensive.

Representative samples were included in the abbreviated report in "The B A S Speaker"
(Fall 2015; v37n3)

Go to the MICROPHONE CLINIC PAGE for more...

When collecting and plotting "noisy" data it is often useful to have Microsoft Excel plot a Trend Line through it.  If that data is to be used for further work, it may be necessary to have an X-Y table of the Trend Line. That is not easy to get and this paper will show how to do it.
Joseph DeMarinis has a new article here: Extracting Numerical Data from an Excel Trend Line

Foster's Test Bench !
by Alvin Foster !    Click the logo: —>
The rapidly-becoming-famous BAS Headphone Test Article is now available in the BASS VOLUME 25, ISSUE 4, on Page 17, available HERE   PDF 3mb
Visit our PODCAST PAGE for:
The LIVE video podcast of our meetings,
Archived video of past meetings (only one so far!),
and Audio Podcast interviews by Alvin Foster
There is a supplemental and further explanation addendum paper to the E. Brad Meyer / David Moran paper published in the September, 2007 issue of the AES Journal. That page, which documents the experimental protocol and audio systems/source material is here:   
There is a Power Point Presentation of the lecture given by Dr. Barry Blesser at the March 2007 Meeting. The Meeting page synopsis is HERE; the Power Point Presentation (as a web page) is HERE

Some earlier BASS issues, previously available only directly by mail, are now available online, on the BAS SPEAKER page, HERE

Show your appreciation for the immense amount of dedicated work that went into both the original writing, gathering, editing and printing, PLUS the more recent scanning and conversion to PDF format, by joining the Society, HERE !

A L L   O F F S I T E   L I N K S   O P E N   I N T O   A   N E W   W I N D O W


AES Future Meetings

Acoustical Society of America
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There is a posting of an ABX article, The Digital Challenge by Stanley P. Lipshitz HERE

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Once again, for 2022 - and onward - is THE useful industry calendar of audio/related events, with kudos to all who put this list together:

Separately, AV-IQ has their event page here:

For a fully comprehensve understanding of meetings taking place - both real and virtual - in this ongoing pandemic situation, you need to look at BOTH listings.



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