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Date: Sunday, April 18, 2021, 7:00 pm


Featured Guests: John Atkinson, Past Editor of Stereophile & Current Technical Editor

Topic: Audio After 55 Years as an Audiophile & Measuring Audio Equipment

John Atkinson was born in England in 1948. At the age of 15, was faced with a difficult decision. Academically, his grades in science subjects were excellent but his passion was for music. He played violin in school and county youth orchestras and bass guitar with a local pop group. But for his final 3 years at grammar school, he had to choose between the sciences and the arts. The sciences it had to be, and he ended up getting his B.Sc in physics and chemistry from the University of London, followed by a post-graduate qualification as a high-school science teacher.

He is probably the only audio journalist who has made his own transistors, using a vapor-epitaxy oven and gallium-phosphide substrates.

His passion for music was kept alive by playing bass guitar in rock bands and getting involved in making recordings. John, a bassist, joined a band led by a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who had just signed a record contract with Warner Bros. After joining, not a surprise, he abandoned his scientific career without hesitation.

JA had been what we now call an “audiophile” since the end of the 1960s and was an avid reader of the British magazine Hi-Fi News & Record Review. In September 1976 he joined that magazine as an editorial assistant. Six years later, at the age of 34, he became Hi-Fi News’s editor in chief. By the end of 1985, he'd almost doubled its circulation when then-Stereophile owner and publisher Larry Archibald invited him to take over from the magazine’s founder, J. Gordon Holt, as the American magazine’s editor.

JA joined Stereophile in May 1986 and increased its circulation from around 20,000 to a peak of 92,000 15 years later. He remained editor until April 2019, when approaching his 71st birthday and having published 390 issues, he handed over Stereophile’s editorial reins to Jim Austin. John took up the new position of Technical Editor and continues to provide the measurements to accompany the magazine’s reviews. To date, he has measured 900 loudspeakers, 600 amplification components, and 400 digital products, all with a standardized test regime for each category.

John Atkinson is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and until recently was an associate member of the IEEE and a member of NARAS, Producers & Engineers Wing. In 2011 he was invited by the Technical Council of the AES to present the Richard C. Heyser Memorial lecture at its 131st Convention in New York


Ken Schwarz is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Sunday April 18, 2021 - suggest 06:45 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 894 1478 6087

Passcode: 989644

If you are using a computer and this is your first time with Zoom, give yourself at least 15-20 minutes prior to the meeting to set things up: you click on the link in the Zoom instructions below and will be guided to download the Zoom software, HERE:

You can use your computer’s audio if you have a headset attached, or you can dial-in for audio. If you have a smart phone or tablet and a good internet connection, then you should install the Zoom app for your device and connect using it.

See below for dial-in instructions for the Zoom meeting.

If you do not have a computer or smart phone/tablet, you can just dial one of the numbers and join for audio only; use your touch tone dialer to enter the meeting number and password when prompted.

Dial by your location

+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

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+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

or find your local number:
(scroll all the way down to 'United States of America')

Meanwhile... here are lists of available items for sale:

Thursday, April 15 is the last day for this sale !

For sale: Scott Kent’s equipment (items grouped for convenience — another of same item might be in another group; most items are individually available):

Contact Marcia Kent
Cell: 978-806-5645

5 tall mic stands (Photo Instrument Corp and Manfrotto)

Bag 1
2 Revox G36 manuals
1 mixer book
1 Casio label printer
1 HH Scott model 450 sound level meter
1 vintage Neumann short stereo bar
1 AKG multipin microphone cable (looks like an extension cable that will work with an AKG C34 or C422)
5 XLR microphone cables
3 misc. cables

Bag 2
1 Marantz model CDR420 CD recorder sn# MZ000551001967
1 Scott Kent two-channel phantom power supply unit (PSU)
misc electrical adaptors

Bag 3
M-Audio two-channel Microtrack II chip recorder
Midiman Flying Calf two-channel AD converter
two-channel microphone phantom-power supply
Beyer small stereo bar
small set of hand tools

Bag 4
3 misc. Scott Kent boxes
Dell power supply
Toshiba power supply
microphone cables and XLR connectors
misc. power cords and extension cords

Bag 5A
4 Scott Kent boxes
misc. cables
2 wallwarts

Panasonic PV2201 VHS recorder
Sony SL2000 betamax recorder
two-station Microboards CD copier (external, likely can be used alone to copy CDs — one player and one recorder) or with a computer to make two copies simultaneously)
1 old Sony headphone
2 copper ribbon speaker cables
misc. microphone hang and mounting hardware

AMC stereo DA convertor
AR turntable
Audio Technology level meter
Ballentine AC voltmeter
dbx model 124 level matching unit
dbx model 157 compressor
dbx Model 162 stereo compressor
Heathkit oscilloscope
2 Lexicon Model 300 reverberators
Loftech TS1 generator
Magnavox CDB624 CD player
Midiman Flying Calf AD converter
Revox A77 quarter-track, 3¾/7½ips analogue recorder
Sony PCM-F1 digital processor
Sony Model 601 digital processor
Tascam DA-30 DAT recorder

Revox A77 half-track, 7½/15ips analogue recorder
Revox A77 half-track, 7½/15ips analogue recorder
Revox A77 half-track, 7½/15ips analogue recorder
DMC model 8156 flutter meter
General Radio Model 1396A tone burst generator
Panasonic model 3500 DAT recorder
Sony model CDPXE 500 CD player
Sony PCM R-500 DAT recorder
Sony model DTC 690 DAT recorder
Sony DTC DAT recorder
Rockwell table drill press
Sears 1hp air compressor

Marantz model CDR 420 CD recorder
Otari model MX5050 analogue tape recorder
Sears Craftsman 10" table saw
Sears Craftsman lathe
South Bend Precision Lathe Model A

Miscellaneous: (of COURSE there is always a category called "miscellaneous")
>300 BKM/AFKA LPs (multiple copies of many), plus cassettes and CDs.
2 Klipschorns Model C, mfr’d ~1963, plus center-channel speaker with same drivers/crossover; John F. Allen midrange drivers,
Scott Kent customized crossovers.
White (mfr, not color) piano (upright; will need refurbishment)
Estey Reed pipe organ with full pedalboard (was the practice organ at Emmanuel Church, Boston, MA

For the listings BELOW, contact Mark Wadnizak; (Ventura, CA)
Office  805-677-7333
Cell   805-218-5349


~ ebay price
as a "guide"

B&K Precision (NOT Bruel & Kjaer) 2 MHz Function Generator (2 of them) 3011B 100
Boonton AM/FM Signal Generator 102C 500~850
HP 50 MHz Function/Pulse generator 8112A 350
HP 50 MHz Function/pulse generator 8116A 300
HP wide range Oscillator (2 of them!) 200CD 100~200
HP Multimeter 34401A 200-650
HP LCR Meter 4261A 75
Heathkit VTVM IM-11 90
Micronta Multitester 22-208A 40 (way too + )
Fluke Digital Thermometer 2177A 50 (too - )
Tektronix WG Distortion Analyzer AA501A Mod WO 1400
Tektronix WG Distortion Analyzer SG505 plug-in for above SG505 Mod WO 300
Tektronix WG Distortion Analyzer SG505 plug-in for above SG505 Mod WR 300
Pioneer Solid State Stereo Rcvr SX-1000TD 400 (way too + )
Behringer UltraCurve Pro Mainframe DSP-8024 50 (way too- )
Behringer UltraCurve Pro EQ Mastering Processor DEQ-2496 175
Kenwood Stereo Cassette copier deck KX-2020 100
Nakamichi 2 head Cassette BX100 100
Radio Shack Stereo 5 Channel mixer 32-1100 45
Panasonic VHS VCR PV-8450 50
Sony DVD player / cassette recorder SLV-D380P 75
Onkyo Servo Lock Stereo Rcvr w/switch box TX-2500 150
Daewoo VHS VCR DV-T5DN 35
Panasonic Industrial color CCD Camera w/Cosmicar lens GP-CD110A 150
1 bag of high qualirty adapter lenses maybe for microscope? - - - - - 200
NADY Wireless handheld VHF mic in carry case - - - - - 50
Garrard Turntable A60 50
Sylvania receiver, (Left CH inoperative) RQ4748 25
Sylvania large floorstanding full range speaker (2 of them) - - - - - 100
Mackie 12 Channel Mixer 1202-VLZ PRO 80~225
Presonus Firepod 24/96 Firewire 8 in Recording interface FP-505378 200~850
Optima Projector EP-719 75~160
AKG Matched Pair Condenser Microphones C451 B/ST 600~1500
AKG single mic C451 B 350
Telex Pro Handheld Wireless Mic - - - - - 50
Custom home built electret ORTF type Stereo Mic in Baffle - - - - - 30+
BELOW THIS LINE, DeMarinis Equipment for sale
KLH Model 20 (pair) 100
KLH "twistable" speaker system TW09B (pair) 35
Homebrew white loudspeaker box with 6" driver - - - - - 35
Homebrew speaker on test stand - - - - - 50
Small speaker mounted on 4'x4' panel (3 of them) - - - - - 15
RF demodulator Probe kit - - - - - 45
Homebrew Audio Attenuator 680 ohm input (why?) -21 dB and -40dB - - - - - 20
Homebrew 20 ohm power resistor load on aluminum channel (2 of them) - - - - - 5
Centralab 15 drawer capacitor box kit 60D 90
15 drawer Ohmite resistor box - - - - - 50
20 drawer Ohmite resistor box - - - - - 50
Weller soldering iron station, multipiece WES50 70
Keithley Auto-ranging PicoAmmeter current meter (2 of them!) 485 500
Electric-Technic Product powered probe - - - - - - - - - -
Fluke High Voltage probe 80K-40 100~200
HP miniature scope probes, passive (3 of them) 10400A 50
HP Dynamic signal analyzer 3562A 2000
Philips PM Color TV Pattern Generator PM5515 100~500
Bell Inc Gauss Meter 615 80-250
Tektronix Current Probe Amplifier with 3 probes AM503B 500~1000
Tektronix 300 MHz oscilloscope 2465 250-500
Tektronix color 4-channel digitizing scope with instaview TDS 744A 500~3000
Tektronix Scope Cart K218 100~200
Tektronix compensating box with high voltage probe 015-049 250
Bausch & Lomb DSC Optical services sterep Microscope w/pwr supply   (mag not given) 800
Bertran Associates CRT test set CRT-30 500
Bertran Associates CRT Power supply C-620A-AC 100
Fluorescent Magnifier Lamp, articulated arm - - - - - 75
Welch-Allyn Mini Lamp system w/power supply - - - - - 45
Johnson Electrical home appliance heat gun PG103 30
Industrial tape & Specialties Polygun 150 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun - - - - - 50
Chromerics EMI Shielding products sample box (2 of them) - - - - - 35
Lab workbench with drawers & cabinet - - - - - 500
Tube of cable ties - - - - - 5
HP 0-25V Triple Output supply 6237B 50~170
Keithley 2KV High Voltage supply 247 300
Kepco 0-500V DC regulated supply - - - - - 300
Power Designs Universal DC constant Voltage & Current 6050C 150~200
Power Designs 0-40V supply @ 500 ma 4005 120
MultiProducts class 2 18VAC Center-tapped 2.2A transformer T57A-N2220-A6/1 30
130 VAC homebrew variac - - - - - 35
132 VAC homebrew adjustable power source - - - - - 25
Lafayette Radio power converter 6 to 12v or 12 to 12v, 3A NPC 20
Elpac Wallwart multi power 12v / 5v (2 of them) WM063 20
Sennheiser Wallwart 12VDC @ 100 ma NT92/NG 12DC-120 12 (too + )
Sennheiser / Nokia Wallwart 9VDC @ 500 ma ACH-8U 12 (too + )
Radio Shack Wallwart 12VDC @ 500 ma 273-1773 12 (too + )
Omnitech camera power supply VRG-1 ?   
Apple Mac powerbook w/ power supply, carry case & cables 145B 50
Winbook Windows XP X540 12" Laptop w/power supply & case X540 223110 50~170
PC PS/2 Keyboards, miscellaneous (!) (3 of them) - - - - - 15~30
Desktop PC (no further info) - - - - - 75
Logitech Gaming Mouse PS/2 - - - - - 25
USB mouse - - - - - 5
Toshiba DOCSIS Cable Modem PCX1100 20
CRT PC monitor ND 1439 75
NEC SVGA Monitor 10" JC-1431DMA 25
Panasonic standard def 10" monitor WV-5410 35
Primera Auto CD/DVD printer with kiosk disc distributor adapter Bravo II 100
Pulnix Video Industrial camera w/adjustable lens TM-1000 850
Pulnix Video camera without lens TM-7200 100
Realistic Nova-Pro 8 ohm stereo headphones Nova-Pro 8 15
Yellow Hearing Protector muffs - - - - - 15
Radio Shack compact corded wall / desk telephone - - - - - 10
Microphone stand w/ short booms (6 of them) - - - - - 30
Microphone stereo crossbar homebrew - - - - - 20
Radio Shack stereo audio passive line selector switch  (2 of them) 42-2110 15
Miscellaneous (!!) switch box - - - - - 10
Radio Shack deluxe metal utility cabinet  3" x 5-1/4" x 5-7/8" 270-253A 20
Red tool box with tools - - - - - 25
Red instrument carry box - - - - - 45
Cabinet drawers full of miscellaneous electrical parts, cables, wires - - - - -  
Cabinet drawers with tools - - - - -  
Numerous manuals & paperwork - - - - -  
April 2021

1.  I recently watched a DVD “Analog: The Art & History of Reel to Reel Recording” by Vision Laboratories. It refers to the “magical sound of the quality of analog recording.”

It covers from the earliest days with Valdemar Poulsen to modern multitrack recording.

Unfortunately it is amateurish in presentation with shaky and blurry graphics. Still the likelihood of a major studio doing the subject is nil so we have to take it as it is.


It bills itself as “Analog The Art & History of Reel-To-Reel Tape Recordings.”

It mentions 1-7/8, 3-3/4 and 7-1/2 ips tape speeds but no other. Reel sizes of 3”, 5”, 7” and 10”. Actually 10-1/2”

It says Fritz Fluemer invented magnetic tape. That’s Pfleumer.

It says that noise from tape comes from the friction of the tape rubbing against the record head. Actually it’s the irregular magnetic domains on the tape.

It says that harmonic distortion in tape recording causes bass increase. (?)

It refers to the dbx "compounding" technique. That’s companding.

It mentions Studer and Stellavox and Nagra, but no mention of the Revox recorders which were very popular among audiophiles.

It is a DVDR but this is not mentioned anywhere. They have limited life expectancy. It is 50 minutes long (billed as 60).

The image on the cover is of Ampex 456 Grandmaster tape. However there is no mention of the fact that many of those tapes became unplayable due to “Sticky Shed Syndrome.”

Some multitrack digital tapes from the early days have become unplayable.

I was interested to learn that the first pre-recorded tapes came out in 1949.

It concludes with an amusing ad for the 3M Wollensack recorder featuring “solid state transistors.”

The company has 3 other similar videos.

email me here

Below, other meetings and notices which
may be of interest to BAS members

In September 2009 the B A S held a microphone clinic, testing 37 different microphone models. The ambitious nature of the clinic effort, the extent of data collection, the number of individuals involved in microphone testing and in writing various sections of the report, and the complexity in determining how to construct the clinic report and make it available to members resulted it not being published until now. The dataset is extensive.

Representative samples were included in the abbreviated report in "The B A S Speaker"
(Fall 2015; v37n3)

Go to the MICROPHONE CLINIC PAGE for more...

When collecting and plotting "noisy" data it is often useful to have Microsoft Excel plot a Trend Line through it.  If that data is to be used for further work, it may be necessary to have an X-Y table of the Trend Line. That is not easy to get and this paper will show how to do it.
Joseph DeMarinis has a new article here: Extracting Numerical Data from an Excel Trend Line

Foster's Test Bench !
by Alvin Foster !    Click the logo: —>
The rapidly-becoming-famous BAS Headphone Test Article is now available in the BASS VOLUME 25, ISSUE 4, on Page 17, available HERE   PDF 3mb
Visit our PODCAST PAGE for:
The LIVE video podcast of our meetings,
Archived video of past meetings (only one so far!),
and Audio Podcast interviews by Alvin Foster
There is a supplemental and further explanation addendum paper to the E. Brad Meyer / David Moran paper published in the September, 2007 issue of the AES Journal. That page, which documents the experimental protocol and audio systems/source material is here:   
There is a Power Point Presentation of the lecture given by Dr. Barry Blesser at the March 2007 Meeting. The Meeting page synopsis is HERE; the Power Point Presentation (as a web page) is HERE

Some earlier BASS issues, previously available only directly by mail, are now available online, on the BAS SPEAKER page, HERE

Show your appreciation for the immense amount of dedicated work that went into both the original writing, gathering, editing and printing, PLUS the more recent scanning and conversion to PDF format, by joining the Society, HERE !

A L L   O F F S I T E   L I N K S   O P E N   I N T O   A   N E W   W I N D O W


AES Future Meetings

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There is a posting of an ABX article, The Digital Challenge by Stanley P. Lipshitz HERE

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