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The Boston Audio Society (BAS) is an independent non-profit member supported organization promoting the highest quality of music reproduction and home theater, plus high standards in recording and transmission.

More than just a local society, the BAS attempts to speak to the worldwide community of audio and video enthusiasts. Founded in 1972, the BAS meets monthly to hear and discuss developments in audio, video and related fields.

Guest speakers over our 38 47 (!) years have included prominent engineers, designers, researchers, editors and reviewers, musicians and critics, broadcasters and recording engineers and producers. On occasion we hold joint meetings with the Boston chapters of the AES (Audio Engineering Society), SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), and the ASA (Acoustical Society of America).

Our non-commercial journal, the B A S Speaker (BASS), includes comprehensive and lively coverage of these meetings as well as reviews, news columns, features, letters and other articles on a variety of audio and video topics. BAS members range from the novice enthusiast to the technically sophisticated. Consumers and producers of audio and video equipment are both represented. Members include freelance journalists, reviewers, and editors at audio and home theater magazines, as well as design engineers, recording engineers, consultants, and researchers who influence product development and the course of the industry. Some members work for manufacturers (as technician, design engineer, or marketing manager), others for dealers. All are devotees — audiophiles and videophiles in the best sense of the term — and tend to be technically and technologically aware, informed about the marketplace, and keenly interested in scientific approaches to audio and video. For these reasons, the BAS and the Speaker are a vital forum. As someone involved in audio or video, you might well will find the group an interesting, helpful resource.

Our meetings and journal might help shape the future of consumer and pro audio/video even while clarifying its past. Manufacturers, for example, can use the BAS to follow trends and developments, and to gather informed reactions to products and events. At the least, we attempt to be a clearinghouse for ideas, helping various parts of the industry and experienced consumers keep in touch with one another.

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David B. Hadaway
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    Officers and Contributors
President   Nicolas Noiseux
Secretary   Alvin Foster
Treasurer   David Hadaway
BAS Speaker Editor & Membership Officer   David J. Weinberg
Assistant Editor   David Moran
Webmaster   Barry Ober
Website Contributor   John S. Allen
Website Contributor   E. Brad Meyer
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Robert L. Miller   Poh Ser Hsu
David Hadaway   David Moran
E. Brad Meyer   Mark Fishman
Stephen Owades   Michael Riggs
David Moran   James Brinton
Peter Mitchell   Harry Zwicker
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