Past meetings of the Society
November 2001

Date: Saturday, Nov. 17 2001
Time: 2:00 - 6:00 PM

Place: At the home of:

Richard Goldwater, MD
1 Wayne Rd.
Newton Center, MA 02459
(781) 239-8850


Subject: 17.3 Channels of Audio + Large Screen Video, 6-Channel DVD Audio

Featured Guests: Dr. Richard Goldwater, Psychiatrist and Serious Audiophile

Our November meeting will be held at the home of Richard Goldwater, long-time BAS member and former co-host of Shop Talk. At the meeting, Goldwater will demonstrate and explain why he prefers 17.3 channels of discretely derived audio, the advantages of DVD Audio vs. 5.1 vs. AC-3 5.1, SCAD, and you will have an opportunity to view Sony's best 3-tube, big screen TV. My sessions with sound and pictures demonstrate that it's true, hi-definition video/pictures do make the audio sound better.

Even though I have been privileged to attend many CES grand presentations all proclaiming the advantages of multi-channel sound (DVD Audio, SACD, 5.1, etc.), it was Richard's presentation that taught me the most about 'envelopment', the missing element in stereo's 2-channel presentation. Envelopment captures the essence of the hall's character and the sense of 'space' that surrounds the listener. David Griesinger, Lexicon Corporation, has lectured the BAS on how to get it and maintains that it can only be maximized through the multi-channel approach. Goldwater has 17.3 channels of speakers placed meticulously around the room. He has so many remote controls that a large, nearby coffee table cannot hold them all.

BAS members are encouraged to bring along their favorite CD and DVD movie. After the BAS 'Open Session,' groups will be directed to the listening room where their CD will be played back after various multi-channel formats are demonstrated. Afterward, Richard will explain the room's great sound treatment and why he needs bass speakers the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.


By car: If traveling on Rt. 9, turn onto the Hammond Pond Pkwy South, located near Barnes & Noble and across from Bloomingdale's at the Chestnut Hill Mall.

Travel about a mile.

At the rotary, make an immediate right turn onto Newton St (becomes Brookline St at the Newton line). Make a left turn onto Vine St (approximately third left), go down hill; 11 Wayne Rd is the third right turn off Vine St.

If traveling from the VFW Pky North, make a left onto Lagrange St.

At the intersection of Corey St (on the right) and Vine St, turn left onto Vine.

Travel one block through a wooded area; then turn left onto Vine St.

By MBTA: Take the city bus that runs along Rt. 9. Exit at Hammond Pond Pkwy and phone, (781) 239-8850. See directions above for more details.

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November 14 - 2001 Parsons Expo, Wellesley Community Ctr, Noon-9:00 PM, Free
lectures & demonstrations,

AES 111th Convention, New York City, Nov 30 - Dec 3

November 13 -- a tour and discussion of Acoustical Design Issues at the BU Photonics Center.

Ed.note: in case anyone is able to attend the Surround Pro 2001 conference in Los Angeles on December 7-8, it promises to be a very enlightening time. Last year's special [Sony] Demo of Joni Mitchell was so astonishing it had a room full of grown men nearly in tears, and the lectures have a certain intimacy and 1:1 feeling that is lacking in the larger conferences, such as NAB, CES, etc. For more info, click HERE.


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