David Hadaway

David Hadaway, BAS President, 1999-2009, is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He graduated from Rice University with an MA in physics. After spending most of his Navy service in Washington D.C. in a "think tank", in 1975 he founded DB Systems, a high-end audio manufacturing company. He and DB Systems are now located in Rindge, NH

When not recording and editing concerts, he enjoys playing tennis (having just won the B singles in the Jaffrey Tennis Tournament). His musical tastes tend toward the late romantic symphonic repertoire. He shares his home with 2000 long-playing records, 1600 compact disc recordings, and 400 laser video discs as well as the red wriggler worms he raises for composting.

 Alvin Foster

One of the "Founding Fathers" of the BAS, AlvinFoster is the CEO of the letter shop. He Alvin Foster obtained a doctorate degree from Boston University in 1974, with major courses in Organizational Management.

Prior to founding AMF Mail Advertising, Foster was an administrator in the Needham Public Schools, an Instructor at Boston State College, and an Assistant Dean of Students at Boston University

 JS Allen

JS Allen:
Photo by Selftimer Studios of Waltham
Mr. Allen's beard styling by Himself
Hair styling by Metrocuts of Waltham
Beanie by Interstellar Propeller, Berkeley
Headphones by Grado Laboratories
Eyeglass frames by Artcraft
Lenses by Corning
T-shirt by Crazy Shirt, Hawaii
Dress Shirt by Arrow
Slide Rule by Pickett1

See his website HERE

Now connected with the BAS only as a retiree, E. Brad Meyer was president for several years. He has been recording concerts since the late 1950s and worked making measurements, calibrating instruments, reducing data, writing reports and learning acoustics at the Cambridge, Mass. firm of Bolt Beranek and Newman from 1966-1972.

He started his own company, Point One Audio, in the late 1970s; he does location recording and digital editing of classical and some folk material. (He is also a folk guitar player of no special distinction) He has been on the Executive Committee of the Boston section of the Audio Engineering Society since the early '80s, and served two years as its chairman. In addition to his duties as writer and sometime editor of the Boston Audio Society Speaker, Meyer has written articles for the Boston Phoenix, High Fidelity and Stereo Review, and has had one BAS column republished in Stereophile.

 E. Brad Meyer

 John F. Allen

John F. Allen is the founder and president of High Performance Stereo in Newton, Mass. He is also the inventor of the HPS-4000 cinema sound system and, in 1984, was the first to bring digital sound to the cinema.

Click here to see his fascinating website.

Bernard Kingsley is engaged in research at Boston University and teaches business at Becker College. He was previously a faculty member of the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill).

In a past life he was a sales manager for a major consumer electronics retailer.

He listens to just about everything, thinks Haydn's Cello Concerto was the best music ever created and will argue endlessly about tuners.

He has published articles in several health care journals as well as Stereo Review and Stereo Equipment Review and is currently senior editor for Audiophile Voice magazine.

 Bernard Kingsley

Born in southern Ohio into a music-loving family where his father was an early audiophile, David Moran came east for college and graduate school, and stayed.

Over the 40 years since, he has been a writer and editor in technology areas and on music. He has received two NEA fellowships for classical criticism. He was managing editor and audio editor of the Boston Phoenix during the 1970s, and worked for dbx engineering through the 1980s, where he was heavily involved in the Soundfield Imaging loudspeaker program.

He has been president of the BAS and editor of the BAS Speaker (currently assistant editor). He also is an amateur pianist.

Moran has written about music in a range of publications, about loudspeakers for Stereo Review and in AES preprints, and has tested speakers for CD Review, Digital Audio, Speaker Builder, Car Stereo Review and currently for Sensible Sound Magazine (these reviews are reprinted in the BASS).

He lives outside Boston in the country, with a large and quiet backyard usable for measuring loudspeakers half-anechoically. Several db-exers noted that as a speaker tester Moran would be "out standing in his field."

Dan Shanefield, one of the several BAS members-at-a-distance, lives in far-away New Jersey. Nevertheless, he has managed to shoehorn many articles into the BAS Speaker, one of which (in November 1974) triggered an avalanche of "objective" audio listening tests, worldwide. He has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Rutgers, worked in Bell Labs for 20 years, then was a professor at Rutgers for 15 years, and he is now "pretty much" retired.

Dan is the author of two engineering textbooks. His full length articles have been printed in such shiny-cover magazines as Audio, Stereo Review, and Nuts & Volts, including a seminal article about double-blind audio tests in the March 1980 issue of High Fidelity.


Ben Roberts was born and raised in Springfield, Ma and joined the military at 17. His first duty station was in Korea, followed by the 82nd Airborne Division in North Carolina where he jumped out of perfectly good airplanes 34 times. From there he was stationed in Germany where he lived in Wurzburg for a few years, and then moved to Heidelberg for a few more. In 2005, he elected to go to Fort Campbell, Kentucky where he rappelled out of perfectly good helicopters before deploying to Tikrit, Iraq. His second tour with the 101st Airborne in Iraq was in Baghdad at Camp Striker, where he received a Bronze Star Medal and the distinguished Sergeant Audie Murphy Award. He is now a member of the Mass National Guard as a Platoon Sergeant. He currently lives in Framingham and is happily married to Clara, who originally hails from Maryland and is an accomplished singer.

He enters the Boston Audio Society from the Nashville Audio Society. Thus far, he has primarily been involved in the music reproduction aspect of the hobby, but looks forward to learning as much as he can from the other members. His goal is to bring younger members to the Society to help keep it strong and active well into the future.

Barry Ober, your insanely dedicated webmaster, is not only a rumor in his own time, but has had an illustrious 60 year career in audio. He has worked at both Moog and ARP synthesizer companies, built a slew of recording studios (and then recorded and mixed in them), radio stations, prize-winning audiophile grade discos (yes), taught one of the first Recording Engineering Class in the country, and owned his own high-end "stereo" store. Currently he runs SOUNDOCTOR, ( and is a world authority on the frequencies from 5 hz through deep ultraviolet, including anything even remotely resembling purple. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and a zillion cats.

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