Past meetings of the Society
December 2002

The Boston Audio Society
Celebrating 30 years!

December 2002 Meeting

Date: Sunday, Dec. 15
Time: 6:00 PM

Place: Room 120
National Transportation Systems Center
55 Broadway, Cambridge, MA

Subject: BAS Birthday Party, While Elephant Sale, & Multi Tone Testing

Featured Guests: Everyone

Our December meeting agenda will consist of three parts: (1) a birthday cake to celebrate our 30th year as an audio society, the oldest and largest in the USA, (2) a White Elephant Sale, the second one held by the BAS, and (3) testing a few loudspeakers.

PART ONE - Alvin Foster founded The BAS thirty years ago. He hosted the very first meeting of what came to be called the Boston Audio Society. It was held on the campus of Boston University in a residence hall meeting room called the Myles Standish. The date was May 14, 1972. From the beginning our agenda was set, as now, to serve in the interest of the audio consumer.

PART TWO - Bring along anything electronic you wish to sell, exchange, get rid of and never want to see again. The item(s) do not have to be directly related to audio, but it should appeal to the many unrelated hobbies our diverse members enjoy.

PART THREE - The BAS Clinic Committee is planning a future loudspeaker-testing program. To insure its succes, you are welcome to bring along a speaker to have it undergo a series of mini tests to find out what may be possible to cover in the limited time of a full BAS clinic. As is typical of our clinics, it will consist of two new tests that most likely will be adopted industry wide. They are (1) a numeric IMD representation of multi-tone loudspeaker distortion, and (2) obtaining your loudspeaker's psycho acoustic flat frequency response in a real room, i.e., a reflective environment.


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