Past meetings of the Society
May 2003

REGULAR May 2003 Meeting

Date: Sunday, May 18
6:00 PM

Place: National Transportation Systems Center, Rm 120*
55 Broadway
Cambridge, MA

Featured Guest: Eric Blackmer, Earthworks, Inc. Professional Audio Products

Earthworks was formed by David Blackmer, the inventor of dbx(tm) to realize a vision. Their goal, according to the company's brochure, is to provide affordable tools with which to capture and reproduce the sound and experience of being there. Earthworks is known in the recording industry to offer exceptionally accurate microphones, preamps and now loudspeakers. Their microphones have gained considerable popularity among our members. Earthworks is located in Wilton NH. You can visit their web site at

Eric Blackmer, Director of Sales, will be our guest. Among the many questions he will surely be asked are - what does it mean to have 'time coherent response' and why does a microphone, or for that matter a loudspeaker, have to be flat into the 'ultrasonic' range. He will explain Earthworks' Time Coherent model of human hearing and discuss the importance of time accurate performance in Earthworks products. Earthworks new Sigma speakers will be demonstrated with material recorded using Earthworks microphones as well as a variety of older more familiar recordings. Bring your own CDs if you like.

Among the items Eric will talk about and or demonstrate is the QTC1 or Quiet Time Coherent One microphone. It is among their premier products. The QTC1 is described in their literature as the most accurate recording microphone available; it is ideal for classical recordings and a matched pair will, when used properly, make the recorded concert come alive again when played back through accurate loudspeakers. Earthworks zero distortion philosophy carries over into their ZDT preamplifiers and their Sigma 6.2 loudspeakers which are claimed to be time coherent to 40kHz.

*NOTE* Due to new security procedures at the National Transportation System Center, a federal building, your name must be on the BAS list to enter this and future meetings. The list is always submitted 2 weeks in advance to the building administrators. The names of all current and past BAS members have already been submitted; there is no need to contact the BAS. However, if you plan to bring a guest let John Pollard know in advance. ALL guest are welcome and encouraged to attend, no charge: John Pollard, (617) 494-3537 or


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