Past meetings of the Society
December 2003

The Dec. 7 Meeting is postponed ONE WEEK until Dec. 14
All other parameters remain the same.

NEW DATE: Sunday, December 14
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Room 120
National Transportation Systems Center
55 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142

Featured Guests: Ralph Glasgal & Robin Miller of the Ambiophonics Institute

Subject: Ambiophonics - The psycho-acoustically correct approach to surround sound recording experiences

Pioneer Ralph Glasgal (Physicist & Electronics Engineer) and producer/engineer Robin Miller will demonstrate 'The Family of Ambiophonics.' For those who could not attend the BAS road trip to the Institute in October 2000, this will be a real treat. The developer/ inventor of Ambiophonics, Ralph Glasgal, maintains that Ambiophonics includes the only three psycho-acoustically correct approaches to surround sound. The listener is not just at the center of a circle, but the center of a sphere, as with natural hearing. The good news is that Ambiophonics 2.0 works on most existing stereo recordings, exhibiting a spacious and accurate 120-degree stage unattainable with conventional stereo speakers. Ambiobponics achieves full spherical hall ambience by 'convolving' (terms to be explained) the stereo signal with 3D impulse responses of the worlds' finest halls (see

A roll-out of the newest PanorAmbiophonics 4.1 will, also, be audition. This version was unavailable during our road-trip in October. It adds a second stereo dipole in back for enhanced spaciousness, envelopment, AND accurate 360 degree localization that is lacking in the standard 5.1 surround setups. In October we heard Ambiophonics over multi-thousand dollar SoundLAB speakers. The presentation on Sunday will utilize Bose home theatre speakers. Ralph is using Bose speakers deliberately to demonstrate that the same special/sonic experience is available for everyone, even those on a budget.

Ralph Glasgal was awarded a patent for a stereo dimension control and designed recording equipment for RCA and high fidelity components while at Fisher Radio.


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