Past meetings of the Society
February 2007

Date: Thursday, February 22, 2007
Time: 7 PM
Place: Spearit Sound, 870 Commonwealth Ave, Boston MA, 02215, tel 617-734-8800
Featured: Jim Thiel
Topic: Thiel Loudspeakers

We will be guests of Spearit Sound ( for a presentation by Jim Thiel ( Jim Thiel will primarily be talking about the new CS3.7 loudspeaker, his latest design. In addition to discussing his design philosophy and goals and some design features that are common to all THIEL products, he will highlight what is new and different about the CS3.7 and why he is particularly excited about this product.

Jim Thiel is a co-founder, co-owner, and product design engineer for THIEL. His interest in music began on the piano in early childhood and remains an important part of his life today. His involvement in audio can be traced to age 12 when he began to build and repair radios and other electronic gear. His academic background is in physics and mathematics. Jim pioneered the principle of time and phase accuracy in loudspeakers with the use of sloped baffles, coaxial driver mounting, and phase coherent crossover network design.

Jim Thiel’s designs have been honored on a number of occasions by the audio industry. These awards include: the International Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Design and Engineering Award, awarded 22 different times, including a 2007 award for the new CS3.7 and a “Best of Innovations” Award for the new ViewPoint for 2005.

Since this is not a formal BAS meeting there will be no open forum.


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