Past meetings of the Society
March 2010

March 2010 Meeting

Date: Sunday, March 21, 3:00pm
Place: Boston University, Life Science & Engineering Bldg, 24 Cummington St., Boston, MA
Room: 1st Floor Conference Room (Room 103)
Topic/Activity: White Elephant Sale

Bring anything you want to sell: playback equipment, recording equipment, accessories, media, computers, video, electronics, etc. Please tell your friends and pass the information on to interested parties.

The BAS Open Forum and business discussion will precede the sale at 2:30 pm. The public is welcome. Come see what the BAS is about!

To Post Your Items For Sale

The BAS will compile a list of items you have for sale prior to the meeting date. Table(s) will be set aside for your items if you send us a GENERAL list of items you plan to sale by Monday, March 15. Your list will be posted on the second BAS meeting notice.

Here are some representative examples of what's for sale:

Alvin Foster -
1. Joe Kane's Video Essentials, DVD
2. Cyration Cordless Optical Air Mouse
3. Optimus Portable CD Player, Cat. No. 42-5035
4. Legacy Color LCD Monitor, No. LM77
5. 450 Watt Computer Power Supply, Corsair VX450w

Edward Gonzalez is selling:
1. Echo Busters Acoustic Panels (3 panels measuring 5'x 23" each)
2. Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway Interconnect (1 meter rca terminations)
3. Sizeable collection of Mobile Fidelity "Original Master Recordings" Gold
4. Compact discs (Assorted titles, many of which are long OOP)

David Hadaway -
1. Classical LPs, CDs
2. Record cleaners:
    Watts Record Maintainence Kit (Dust Bug etc)
    Parastatik Disc Preener
    Analoid Anti-static Record Brush


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