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April 2012

SMPTE Connecticut has organized a New England presentation for qualified audio & video associations of possibly the best sounding theatre experience possible in a home. It is a private residence, the largest in New England, with a 103-seat theatre. Because space is EXTREMELY limited, an e-mail notice will be sent to you on how to register for the event; a prompt response on the 14th is the only way to obtain a possible seat. Bob Miller will coordinate transportation to CT.

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The meeting is organized by Brian F. Kobylarz.

The meeting notice is also shown below.

SMPTE-NY / Connecticut Subsection

Meeting Notice

Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Chase Home Theater"

Arnold L. Chase, Executive Vice President, Chase Enterprises
Arnold Chase has a long and distinguished career in radio and television broadcast. He was the founder of WTIC-TV Channel 61 in Hartford and President of the New England Weather Service. In addition, he is the founder and President of Gemini Networks, a developer of First-mile digital broadband networking equipment and served as a Managing Partner of Poland Cable Television.

John F. Allen, Founder, High Performance Stereo
John Allen has an extensive and notable resume in the world of professional audio. He is a member of the Boston Audio Society, the Audio Engineering Society and a lifetime member of SMPTE where he has been an active member of the Motion Picture Standards Committees and the ongoing “B” Chain Study Group.

Mr. Allen’s presentation will cover the HPS-4000 sound system designed for Mr. Chase’s theatre. In addition he will provide the audience a detailed history of the measurement methods used in cinemas, their limitations as well as potential future methods.

Leo J. Bassett, President, Electronic Cinema Service
Leo Bassett has wide-ranging knowledge of the theory, setup and operation of high end imaging projection systems. Mr. Bassett will discuss the modifcations he performed to the Hughes-JVC12K ILA projector in the Chase Home Theatre


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