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Mar 2013

Meeting Notice for Sunday, March 17, 2013
Date: 6:00 PM, Sunday, March 17,
Place: At a home near Newton (Contact BAS for directions)
Featured: RG, Ultra HD & Audio Nirvana
Topic: 4K Video and 19.2 Channels Surround Sound Audio System

The audiophile psychiatrist aka Doctor Whom, who claims to be a little more objective than Doctor Who, has invited the BAS to hear "What I Have Learned since Shop Talk." For the uninitiated, Shop Talk was a WBUR program about high fidelity, music, etc. It was enjoyed by many during the 1970s. The program’s format was ‘talk’ and interviewing major audio luminaries. It was a forerunner of the popular program Car Talk.

RG’s demonstrations and lecture will illustrate the virtues and vices of spending a lifetime perfecting what has grown to a 19.2 channel surround system. The system utilizes Audyssey processing at its core. Attendees are welcome to bring CDs or Mp3s of music they'd be curious to hear in surround. There will be ample demos of Mono, 2-channel stereo, and SACD disc, all played back in 19.2 channels.

The 19 X 30 feet listening room includes a SONY native 4K projector and a 14’ wide viewing screen. SONY will make available 4K movie material for us to view in advance of their planned marketing debut this spring.

Please respond if you are coming so we can know how many to expect. There will be refreshments at 5:30.


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