Past meetings of the Society
March 2017

The Boston Audio Society
Meeting Notice for March 2017
Date: March 26 Sunday, and March 27 Monday ( note: 2-separate March meetings ! )
Time: 7:00PM
Place: Burwen Sound Studio
Featured Guest: Richard S. Burwen,
Topic: Demonstration of Audio Splendor software and Setting up his System,

SPECIAL NOTE - RSVP:  Dick will limit each demo to 4-members on Sunday, March 26, and Monday, March 27. This will permit you to enjoy the best listening experience. Please select your preferred date and e-mail Nick Noiseux: with your selection. Please be prepared to accept an alternative date. More future dates may be available.

Dick has been working for 14 years on computer software to control reproduced sound via precision tone controls and extreme high frequency (20 kHz) reverberation. In his words, "... no designer has ever even thought about the possibility of creating artificial reverberation that might be superior to real reverberation." His "20,000 Watt Home Hi-Fi System" was pictured on the cover of Audio, April 1976.

Dick’s system has taken about 65,000 working hours to design and build, starting as far back as 1962. His objective was to produce the maximum entertainment value from prerecorded program sources and from live recordings. The room and equipment are designed for reproduction over five speaker systems at the original live sound levels and with more than 100 db dynamic range.

Each session will last 2 hours plus as long as you want to stay and listen to music. Dick will describe his high frequency reverberation and precision EQ, demonstrate their effects, and show the surprising frequency response curves needed for fine sound. He will show how he sets up his system live and produces 5-channel sound from stereo recordings, and remasters his 35 years of Jordan Hall concert recordings. The program will use his own 6-channel 32-bit processed recordings and CD files.

Refreshment: Burwen’s Famous Strawberry Lemonade


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