President's Message
March - April 1999

1. Widescreen printed a survey of its readers. To the question of gender, the result was 1588 male and 7 female. I guess it really is a guy thing.

2. Les Williams (guest 12-98) said that LPs had greater dynamic range from peak to average than CDs. Alvin Foster has measured with the B&K peak hold meter and found that LPs have more peak to average ratio than CDs. This may be a result of the unceasing quest for more level--being louder than the competition. Certainly food for thought.

3. For free web access (with ads), try

4. The new postal rates have resulted in a reduction in Book Rate (now known as "special standard"). For $1.13 you can send up to 1 pound of CDs, video tapes, cassettes, laserdiscs, DVDs and even books to anywhere in the U.S. Insurance is $.85, which I never use.

5. A reminder: there is a good moderated audio discussion on CompuServe's CEAUDIO forum.

6. The BAS CD project is going forward, aiming at March publication. Any suggestions should go to me at

7. I have started a project to summarize back issues of the speaker. If anyone is interest in doing a year (about 2-3 hours work) let me know.


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