President's Message
September 1999

1. There is an informative and sometimes amusing glossary of audio-for-film terms in the March, April and June issues of Mix magazine. It is downloadable from

2. The July 12 issue of Newsweek has an article on the problems of archiving and playing back digital information. It states that CDROMs are susceptible to stray magnetic fields (not true since there are no magnetic elements in CDROMS or CDRs), implies that 5-1/4" floppies cannot be played today (!), and states that any technology can go the way of 8-track and Betamax (8-track was never an archiving medium and new Betamax machines are still being made).

3. Dave Moulton writes in the August 11, 1999 TV Technology that is not unusual (read acceptable) for there to be 2 frames (60 ms) of offset between the audio and video in broadcast TV. As HDTV becomes more common the public may start demanding better quality control (but don't count on it).





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