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President's Message
July 2005

1.  V27n2 of the BAS speaker has been published electronically. It features a 13 page summary by John S. Allen of one of the more significant BAS meetings in recent years: a panel discussion on concert hall acoustics, featuring Leo Beranek, acoustician; John F. Allen, theater sound system designer; Jonathan McPhee, conductor, David Griesinger, designer for Lexicon; Glenn KnicKrehm, president of the Constellation Center; and BAS member Stephen Owades, TFC singer and student of acoustics. There are some unique photos of Symphony Hall which you can only see in color in the electronic version of the Speaker. Also reports on the WCES. 39 pp

2.  DIY'ers owe it to themselves to check out Siegfried Linkwitz's website, He is a retired Hewlett Packard engineer, known for the famous Linkwitz-Riley 24 dB crossover, and is obviously enjoying his retirement doing audio projects. His new loudspeaker, Pluto, is said to have most of the performance of his more expensive speaker, the Orion, at a modest cost. As usual, complete construction information is supplied as well as semi-kits and finished product. He also describes modification of an inexpensive ($1.80!) 1/4" microphone for measurement and near field recording use. He shows how to use it for surreptitious recordings.

David Hadaway

President, Boston Audio Society



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