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President's Message
August 2005

1.  The French movie "Le Choristes", or "The Chorus" has had a major impact in France. A story about rejected children in a boarding school learning self worth through singing, it prompted 300,000 people to join choirs. It's a remake of the 1940s weepie La Cage aux Rossignols. Now in release in the UK, no doubt wending its way here. So start practicing your scales in the shower and remember you heard it here first. BBC Music Magazine My05

2.  Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's "ULTRADISC" recordable CD is said to have a life expectancy of 300 years, based on accelerated life tests. It has a 99.9% gold reflective layer and a patented dye which resists breakdown on exposure to light and heat. It also has a reinforced coating layer which resists scratching. They only offer 1X to 12X blanks, believing that that offers better performance than higher speeds. They sell retail for $2 to 3 each. [I played one of my CDR masters dating from 1997 and it was perfect. They are kept in a dry, dark and cool environment. I have heard reports of CDRs not playing after long storage, however I wonder if they were error-free to begin with. I didn't archive any 80 minute CDRs until they were proven to be reliable.].

David Hadaway

President, Boston Audio Society



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