President's Message
September 2006
Ira Leonard 1938 - 2006

1.  Ira Leonard, Treasurer of the Boston Audio Society and dear friend, passed away on August 23, 2006. He tirelessly worked behind the scenes to make the BAS (as well as the AES and ASA) better. He almost single-handedly arranged the Mead Killion (Etymotics) meeting last March, one of the best meetings in years. No matter what topic I brought up, he was always interested and would follow up with a clipping or a reference for more information. Always thinking of the other person, he was truly without ego.

2.  Most of the major orchestras have signed contracts making it easier to make recordings. They are generally accepting royalties rather than upfront payments, which will allow recordings to be made in the US which before would have been unthinkable.


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