President's Message
October 2006
1.  V28N3 of the BASS has been published. It contains two meeting summaries: The IMAX Theater presentation, and the meeting at Professional Audio Design (Pro consoles). Also the conclusion of David Weinberg's look back at early SMPTE journals, a review of Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers, and an early history of the Shadow-Mask Color-Picture Tube. 40pp

2.  From Wayne Sarchett: I think some of the members of BAS might be interested in an article I wrote regarding hearing aid issues for audiophiles. It was recently published by Secrets of Home Theatre and High Fidelity
I don't recall seeing an item about this in any BAS announcements or journal.

3.  Pro Audio Review (Au06) surveys two track recorders from analog to flash card. The Otari MX-5050BIII open reel recorder is the only one available, though there is a lively market in refurbished units like the Ampex AG-440, 350 and the ATR-102; and the MCI JH-110. ATR Service owner Mike Spitz has so much faith in analog recording that he has begun manufacturing a high performance recording tape and teaches regular alignment seminars. Solid state recorders are made by Nagra, Sound Devices,Tascam, Fostex, Marantz, Sony, M-Audio, Edirol, and Samson (also 4 track), (roughly in order of decreasing price). The HHB FlashMic is a whole recorder built into the body of a Sennheiser omni mike, with 3 hours recording time. At the professional level, hard disc recorders still are alive, made by Sound Devices and Alesis. CD and DVD recorders are made by Tascam and Marantz. Sony's Minidisc is now aimed at the pro market and more information on all recorders is available on the MiniDisc Community web page There are no longer any DAT recorders being made. Used units are inexpensive to buy and expensive or even impossible to repair.

4. On October 16 the email address for the BAS will change to:


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