President's Message
February 2009

1. We will have election of officers at this meetng. The candidates are Robert Miller, President; David Hadaway, Treasurer; Alvin Foster, Corresponding Secretary; David Weinberg, Secretary. Bob is an active recording engineer and works as a volunteer in the archives of the Boston Syphony.

2. The second annual Burning Amp DIY (Do It Yourself) fest ( took place Oct 19 near Sausalito, CA. About 130 or so DIYers — as well as a few manufacturers — demonstrated and discussed designs for mostly homemade speakers, power amps, preamps, and D/A converters. It was an outgrowth of the Internet forum diyaudio ( which boasts 4000 active members. One of diyAudio's most proment and generous members is Nelson Pass who has his own section in which he daily answers questions and shares schematics for many of his own past and current designs., Toward the end of Burning Amp, Jan Diden gave a presentation on audio compression in recordings "The most impressive part of the demonstration was when Jan played back samples of the same song released over a span of several decades. Each one sounded worse, more compressed, than the last. It was so shocking that it made people angry." Stereophile Fe09


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