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August 2009

0.  The BAS CD-1 is now available as a pressed CD. The advantages over the CDR are compatibility with all CD players and archive quality. If you bring your BAS CD-1 to a BAS meeting it will be exchanged for the pressed CD at no charge. If you are out of the area a copy will be mailed to you for a $2 handling and mailing charge (do not return your old copy). You may want to pay as part of renewal. Send an email to .

1.  Creating a bit of heaven for classical music geeks, the New York Philharmonic has put online an ocean of data about its concerts, dating back to the first one on Dec. 7, 1842. The Metropolitan Opera did the same four years ago, adding an archive to its Web site,, that it says chronicles each performance in its history, starting in 1883. Some 20,000 concerts are included as well as every place the orchesta has played. The direct link to the search section is
NYT 24Jn09

2.  Nimbus has released the Esterhazy/Fischer complete Haydn symphonies as MP3 recordings on 8 CDs. The original set was on 33 CDs. It is at 320 kbps. They say that it will play on computers, most DVD players, and the latest generation of car players. Nimbus 1722

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