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Oct. 2011

0.  BASS V33N3 has been published. It features 2 meeting summaries; JUne 2010, Mark Schubin: Fandom of the Opera, a behind the scenes look at the Metropolitan Opera's HD broadcasts as well as everything else you want to know about technology and opera, written by John S. Allen and December 2010, Member's favorite Recordings by David B. Hadaway. Article: InfoComm 2011 The Center of IT All by David Weinberg. 24 pp

1.  Recently I acquired an HDTV and thought it would be a good time to re-visit the PBS program "Great Performances". I had tried it in the past and had been disappointed because of the dynamic range compression. I thought maybe the sound from the HDTV tuner would be better. The program was Gergiev doing "Pictures" and Les Preludes, certainly dynamic pieces, broadcast as HDTV over the air on WGBH Boston. The picture was excellent albeit with the usual annoying bug in the lower right corner. The sound was the same compressed audio. There was a plummy long reverberant tail on the music, with was incongruous considering the outdoor venue (I believe JF Allen mentioned this). Also there was a distinct echo about 3 seconds later. Conclusion: Eye candy, but of little interest to audiophiles. Another case of Hi Def picture, Low Def sound.

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