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Jan 2013

1.  BASS V34n4 has published. It features writeups of Steve Krampf, Chesnut Hill Audio (Ap09) by Gerald Sheetoo and Gordon Vinther, Horn loaded Loudspeaker (Se10) by Alvin Foster. Also, Restoring the frequency response of ~30-year-old cassette recordings by Peter V.K. Brown; Beranek's Acoustics completely redone by Beranek and Mellos; Portable and battery-operated four -channel recorders by Alvin Foster; and CEDIA 2012 reports by David Weinberg and Jim Buchanan. 26pp.

2.  A new federal law has been passed banning commercials that are louder than the program they accompany. Consumer complaints may be filed on the FTC website. (According to the Law of Unintended Consequences it will result in broadcasters compressing their programs more than ever before to match the loudness of the commercials. The most compressed popular TV show I know of is Dr. Who).

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