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December 2016

1. To learn about science, kids can build a Bose speaker

Bose Corp. has a new kit, BOSEbuild Blutooth speaker, designed to tap the up-and-coming market for toys that teach basic concepts in science, technology, electronics, art and mathematics. It is designed for children 8 and older. With help from a free app for Apple's iPhone or iPad, a child can assemble his or her own mini-audio system and learn some basic principles of acoustics along the way. “Quite frankly, it's an untapped market opportunity,” said Joe Titlow, head of sales and marketing for BOSEbuild. He says BOSEbuild has gotten a “tremendous early response” and Bose engineers are working on five or six additional products.”If we can get kids at this age to get just a little bit more excited about science and technology, we hope it pays dividends for the rest of their lives. Boston Globe 19Se16 [Long time audiophiles may take umbrage at Bose being referred to twice in the article as high-end audio.]



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