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January 2023

1. More silly stuff

KEVALIN AUDIO, North American distributor for WAVERSA SYSTEMS, invites you to explore a new, passive digital filter technology unique to the industry, the EXT Digital Noise Isolators. While details are closely held due to patent conditions, this military-based technology has proven effective in digital audio reproduction, producing notable improvement in both audio and video performance. Collin Shin, CEO of Waversa Systems, says, ‘This module “forms an electric field and a magnetic field to remove RFI noise from the LAN cable and noise generated by the digital signal line itself.”’ Waversa’s proprietary technology is applied differently at each level of the series, the EXT-1, EXT Reference, and EXT Reference Plus. The line includes models for:

• LAN Ethernet


• Coax (RCA, BNC, and AES/EBU)


All three models are totally passive, do not require a power supply, and are non-directional. All are supplied with a short-run cable to be placed between the filter and the destination component, usually the final piece in the digital transmission chain.

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