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March 2023

Vinyl albums outsold CDs last year for the first time since 1987, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. About 41 million vinyl albums were sold in 2022, compared with about 33 million CDs. Sales of recorded music rose for the seventh straight year of growth, according to RIAA, with streaming continuing to be the biggest factor. The music industry started turning around in 2016, when growth from streaming services began to outweigh a long-running decline in CD sales amid rampant online piracy. Digital downloads accounted for just 3% of U.S. recorded-music revenues in 2022, a steep slump from the peak of 43% of revenue in 2012, RIAA said.

NYT 10Mr23

[Perhaps the record manufacturers should provide:

--The LP

--A CD of the mastered audio in the LP

--A CD made from a playback of the LP using most expensive playback equipment available, say an OMA K3 turntable ($353,000), an Analog Relax EX1000 cartridge ($17,750) and a CH Precision PA Phono Stage ($90,850]

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